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Introducing the "MAGNOLIA DUST WITH GOLD LEAF" CANVAS, a luxurious and captivating piece of art that will elevate your home decor to new heights. This canvas features a stunning magnolia design with exquisite gold leaf embellishments, creating a sense of opulence and sophistication.

Measuring 120x80cm, the "MAGNOLIA DUST WITH GOLD LEAF" CANVAS becomes a captivating focal point in any room, exuding elegance and beauty.

The canvas is embellished with delicate gold leaf highlights, adding a touch of luxury and refinement to the artwork. The gold leaf details beautifully complement the magnolia design, creating a perfect harmony that blends seamlessly with various interior styles, from modern glam to classic chic.

Elegantly framed with a Champagne L Frame, this artwork enhances the overall aesthetics, adding a touch of sophistication and charm. The frame perfectly complements the luxurious feel of the gold leaf and the timeless beauty of the magnolia design.

Designed for your convenience, the "MAGNOLIA DUST WITH GOLD LEAF" CANVAS can be hung both horizontally and vertically, offering you the flexibility to customize its orientation according to your preferences and the layout of your living space. Whether you choose to create a stunning wall display or an elegant accent piece, this artwork adapts effortlessly, reflecting your impeccable taste.

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