If you are considering hair extensions for the first time, you may have a few questions. It is important to gain a clear understanding of hair extensions to get the most value for your money. Here are the most common questions we get asked about hair extensions.
Moisture and nutrition are two of the most important things that your natural hair and extensions need. To ensure that they look and feel healthy for many months, you need to make sure that the hair extensions are nourished with moisture locking ingredients. We will recommend a shampoo and conditioner set that is known to keep the hair moisturised all day long. We also recommend to use hair masks at least twice weekly if you want to maintain the lustre and shine for your hair extensions.
The extension method chosen will be based on your lifestyle and your desired look. Do you want something that you can easily remove after a day of use? Or do you want something more permanent? Other factors that need consideration are your usual activities. The type of hair extension will also depend on the overall quality of your natural hair. Do you have brittle hair, fine hair, or coarse hair? The answer to those questions will ultimately help you decide whether you should consider tape ins, micro wefts or clip ins. You can view more on this under our methods page where we explain the ranges and who the are most suitable for.
This really depends on what your hair is like naturally, and what you wish to achieve. We have some packages available that offer just volume, or long and thick depending on what you desire. As much information as we can offer you online, ultimately we will need to see your hair in real life to give you an exact answer on what is suitable for you. Most of our clients have 100-150grams of hair extensions to give them extra volume and length. You are more than welcome to send us some photos and a description of your natural hair and we can give you our best recommendations without seeing you.
You can tone the hair extensions, however they are sensitive to colour. You cannot dye them too many shades darker as they tend to go patchy, and this will shorten their life span. We do not recommend bleaching the hair extensions. Our favourite way to adjust the extensions is simply with the Kerastase Blond Violet. It gives the extensions a beautiful ashy colour without damaging them at all, and you can use this at home!
Our extensions come in a range of different colors and tones. To ensure a natural finish we can blend 2 or more colours together to match your hair colour. We have great experience in blending colours to achieve a desired outcome. Sometimes the colours you least expect with give a beautiful natural result. If your colour is too different from the extension colours, we do offer a full range of colour services by very experienced technicians.
With proper product use and regular maintenance blondes can expect 9+ months and brunettes 12+ months. We use the highest quality Russian Remi hair to give you the longest lifespan out of your extensions. Things like swimming, colouring and wrong product use will shorten the life expectancy of the hair extensions.
Wefts -We recommend maintenance appointments every 4-5 weeks. Wefts are removed and your natural fall out is combed out of your hair. The wefts are then re applied to a new line of hair. Total appointment time is 30-45 minutes.
Tapes - We recommend maintenance every 6-8 weeks for tape in hair extensions. The tape in bonds are coated in solution to dissolve the actual tape applied to the bonds. They are carefully removed by separating each sandwich and combing excess residue from your hair. Each tape is then re-taped ready for reapplication. We apply the kerastase fusio detoxifying scrub to your scalp to remove any dead skin and oil. Your hair is then washed and dried and the tape in extensions are re applied. Total appointment time 60-90minutes depending on the quantity of hair extensions you have.
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