Tape is the perfect option for those with fine, or sensitised hair. We can place a large section of your natural hair between the bonds to secure the hair safely. The surface area that each extension is attached to is wide and therefore stronger, easily holding the extension. The tape extensions are flat and lay seamlessly, allowing you to achieve countless styles including a sleek high pony, all without seeing your extensions.

With tape extensions you can get a bit longer between maintenance appointments as this method combined with our unique approach to application is very safe for your hair. With our maintenance appointments we will remove all the extensions and tape residue from your hair, thoroughly wash it and reapply the extensions like new. Following your tape extension service you must not get your hair (the extension bonds in particular) for 48 hours to ensure the bonds have adhered successfully, this includes getting too sweaty!


Microweft is perfect for clients that have little time but still want beautiful, luscious hair. The weft technique that we do at Blow is a super quick and affordable option. Microweft is amazing for those who already have length but want more volume, but also we can work to give you length and volume to achieve the perfect hair you have been dreaming about. The natural hair is pulled through the weft and secured with a bead, and we will do our best to work with your natural hair to ensure the placements of the weft will not be visible when pulling your hair up.

Maintenance for Micro-wefts are every 4-5 weeks so we prevent any tangles that may occur whilst having them in. First, you come in with clean, dry hair and we take each weft out one by one, then brush out your hair’s natural fall out. Finally we re-install the weft on a new section of hair. We recommend not having your hair up in a high ponytail for the first week or until it is comfortable to do so, once the weft is a little looser. It usually takes 30-60 minutes depending on how much you have in. When done correctly it should not feel uncomfortable, so here at Blow we make sure that it feels amazing before you leave the salon. We want to make sure your hair stays healthy and you love your extensions!

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