Hair extensions can give you the look you want and leave you feeling more confident than you’ve ever felt but get it wrong, and you could end up with hair extensions that don’t look real or damage your hair.

We offer premium Russian hair extensions, applied skilfully by specially trained stylists. No short cut has been taken in finding high quality hair that feels amazing, looks amazing and lasts. Natural hair health is our priority, which is why we only offer tape-in hair extensions. No metals, glues or weaves that don't dry, our tape extensions are flat and discreet. We have our tape positioning specialised so you can tie your hair up in a high pony without seeing extensions, and as the extensions are placed all over your head there is a larger surface area for the extensions to be secured by. This is how we manage to have beautiful long, thick hair without damage.

The hair extensions are evenly distributed over your natural hair so there is no pulling in small areas. 

JimmySix is New Zealand's Premium Hair Extension brand and we are lucky enough to stock both their ranges. JimmySix Hair extensions are sold in 20pc packets, and most clients require 2-3 packets for a full and glamourous look. This may change depending on clients natural hair thickness, length and desired outcome. We have the full range in stock, so colour matching can normally be done without additional colour services. JimmySix offers a 6 month warranty on their extensions with correct product use, you can complete your warranty form here, please keep a photo of receipts.

NB: The only difference between JimmySix and JimmySix Mini is the length. JimmySix Full is 22inches long and JimmySix Mini is 18inches long.


JimmySix Russian Remy Hair Extensions per 20pc Pack $389

JimmySix Mini Russian Remi Hair Extensions 20pc Pack $249

Pricing includes application, trim is an additional $40 and full reshape $65

Please make sure you come in with clean straight hair prior to appointment, ready for hair extension application.

Caring For Your Hair Extensions:

Do not use low quality shampoo and conditioner that contain any protein or sulphate, or have a high alcohol content. Here are the products that we recommend to use on the extensions:

    Pureology Hydrate shampoo and conditioner
    Wella Enrich Shampoo & Conditioner
    Kerastase Chronologiste or Nutritive


      • Apply Shampoo to the roots and massage to ensure hair gets thoroughly cleaned.

      • Do not apply conditioner to the roots, however apply liberally to the ends of the extensions to ensure maximum conditioning. Applying conditioner to the roots will cause the extensions to slip down your natural hair and you will require maintenance sooner.

      • Brush hair twice daily, we recommend a tangle teaser brush. With a tangle teaser you can gently glide over the bond to achieve high pony etc, please do not tug on extensions. Hold the bond at the root if you have difficulty brushing your hair.

      • Always tie hair in a loose plait for sleeping.

      • Do not bleach hair extensions, use only a semi permanent colour to go darker or tone to a similar shade, however any colouring of the extensions will void the warranty.

      • Purple shampoo is recommended and preferable to toning of the hair extensions with colour.

      • Always dry hair gently with hairdryer on low-medium heat, do not leave your hair to dry naturally as leaving the bonds wet for extended periods of time can cause them to weaken, and require more regular maintenance.

      • Before swimming, apply conditioner to the mid-lengths and ends of your extensions to protect them, Rinse immediately after swimming in either ocean or pool.

      • When swimming, wear hair in a loose plait, never a bun or top knot.

      • Avoid getting hair wet or sweaty for 48-72 hours following tape and skin weft hair extension application.

      • After extension application wear the extensions in a low ponytail and low hairstyles only for the following week until the bonds loosen and it is comfortable to tie your hair up.

      • Always have a qualified JimmySix Hair Extension Stylist remove or apply your hair extensions, to ensure no damage to your natural hair.

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